Eyebrows are the frame of our face. They define the expression of the look and guarantee success when they are well defined and designed.
However, not all women have the luck of having the amount of hair necessary to guarantee a beautiful and a harmonious design.

In order to obtain this result, a tecnique called microblading can be used.
Microblading is a manual tecnique in which a handheld tool is used to achieve eyebrows with hyper realistic hairstrokes. To perform this procedure there are no ready-made molds or predefined shapes.

Instead, each brow design is customized for your unique face shape with symmetry and proportion in mind. This provides a result that is personalized for each woman, but that’s a topic for another post ;)

The advantages of Microblading are to enchance your natural beauty, save precious time every morning by freeing you from the need of having to fill in your eyebrows and they will be waterproof!