Tattoo Removal

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Fix Old Permanent Makeup

Tattoo Removal

Removal is a safe, manual technique, designed to remove pigment from previous permanent make up.

The active ingredients in Angel Removal are the acids from antioxidant fruits such as rice, cocoa, and wheat, among others.

This removal technique uses a chemical method to eliminate implanted pigment in the skin. When a pigment is implanted in the skin, damage is produced and the skin defends itself creating collagen and elastin.  The collagen creates capsules that trap the pigment and allow it to stay in the skin.  Angel Removal produces a biochemical reaction in which these capsules are destroyed or fragmented so the pigment can leave the skin. Once  the  collagen  capsules  are  fragmented,  the  Removal composition and the pigments under the skin mix.

The pigment then comes out in two ways:

1.It is attracted to the skin surface like a magnet and leaves the body.

2.The rest is removed through the lymphatic system.

If the pigment was originally placed at a shallow depth, one session will probably be sufficient. In other cases, the treatment is repeated 1 to 9 times according to need.

Tattoo Removal

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