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All of our new brow procedures include your first session, a touch up session that is done 6-8 weeks later and an aftercare kit. We never use ready-made molds or predefined shapes. All brows are customized for every client.

Consultation – Free
In order to receive any services, clients are required to have a consultation to evaluate if the service is right for you. Available in-person or online.

Microblading – $450
A manual technique in which a handheld tool is used to achieve eyebrows with hyper realistic hair stroke.

Powder Brows – $450
This procedure provides a more ombre/make up look! It is recommended for women with all skin types who want to achieve bold brows or a more soft make up look.

Combo Brows – $470
A technique that involves a combination of Microblading and Manual Shading together. It creates more dense, fuller looking brows that appear to be powdered.

Amanda’s Signature Style aka Hybrid Brows – $470
This hybrid technique is the best of both worlds, Microblading + Powder brows. It is done by doing hair strokes at the head of the brows and subtly fading into powder brows

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