Think with me, you have been looking into microblading or powder brows for a while and you’re ready to take the next step, fanstastic! Now if you google microblading, you’ll find tons of artists ranging from low to high prices, I’m going to tell you a few things to be careful with and a few things to look for!

Number 1!

Probably the most imporant point is to know where that artist received her training. Trust me, a lot goes into this service, if you microblade too deep, your skin can scar and the ink will look saturated, if you go too light, the ink will fade away before the next touch up, hold the blade at the wrong angle, the strokes won’t look natural. An extensive training and proper technique is paramount!

Number 2!

Brows should be customized to each face, there is no ONE brow fits all. When I’m measuring, I use THAT client’s facial structure and measurements to provide the best pair of brows I can possibly give it turns out symmetrical, beautiful and NATURAL.

Number 3!

Ensure that the Microblading Artist instructs and informs you on exactly how to do the aftercare procedures. Several of my clients who have had Microblading done previously said that they were blown away about how thorough I was in explaining precare and aftercare instructions and that previous artists never told them certain things had to be done in order to get the best results, after care is %50 of the battle girls!

To conclude, the most inexpensive will not mean you will get the best service, research, look for consistent before and afters, ask if the touch up procedure is included in the initial price. You will know when you find the right artist for you, now go get those effortless brows!